About us


Our Journey,
Forward Together.

We are an entity focused on Software Infrastructure and Hardware Distribution. Our trade and focus is to ensure people have access to the solutions that we know are vital to business through our reliable network of Retail Partners.

Our footprint spans across  Africa, with our Head Office situated in South Africa. Omni People is a Distribution powerhouse determined to stay abreast with the ever-developing technologies while supporting our long standing international and local brands. In our two and a half decades of service, we have become connoisseurs in the Software & Hardware business.

Having Partnered with over 10 of the biggest brands in the market, we have been a signature Supplier in many businesses across Africa. 

We have grown strength to strength building an invaluable Human Resource foundation.

In all our endeavors, to make Africa self-sustainable is part of our mission.  We will achieve this through provision of reliable, efficient, cost effective and dynamic business infrastructure. Always ensuring our market has access to the latest Technology and programs that educate as well as promote sustainable development.

A word from Munya Mazhande, Group Chief Executive Officer

We started this business and then it was just a passion to better ourselves. Having worked and given everything for the Dream, the Vision was always about People. We had an ambition to positively influence those around us and decades later, we celebrate each milestone, the People keep winning.

The Vision brought about the need to ensure we provide a gateway and platform for the African Business to gain insight, skills and resources that would catapult their value to global status. Our Partnership with world leading Technology brands enables us to provide first class service to our businesses community 

Omni People Distribution uphold a People based culture,  People being Our Customers, Human Resources and Suppliers. We understand and share the same values of what our Businesses mean to the livelihood of many.

Lets Partner together to grow and build toward a self-sustainable Africa.