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Our national SA infrastructure and growing distribution network in Africa along with the skills development of our partners help us to continually achieve this goal. In Identification, we work with government, corporate, education and industrial contracts and supply identification equipment, cards and solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. In Security, although our main focus is to reduce the varying threat and theft risks in the government, corporate, industrial and private sectors, we have also proven that we are capable of performing on the world stage after being awarded preferred supplier status for the national supply, installation and support of access control screening equipment for events. In Occupational Health and Safety we have developed long standing relationships in the industrial sector to help curb their ever increasing ‘alcohol in the workplace’ woes while we continue to work with law enforcement and traffic officials nationally to keep death off our roads in South Africa.

Alcohol Breathalysers

Whether it’s for personal, Industrial or Law enforcement we cater for all your needs. Calibration & training offered. After-sales services are available. Click to browse our leading range below.


The MagTouch makes it easier to follow your guards and track their successful patrol points. Set ID beacons along your patrol routes that integrate with their Magtouch security baton, and support them every step of the way!


We are the distributor of Magicard (Neo) in Southern and Central Africa. In addition to the Magicard range, we supply, support and repair Fargo, Datacard, and Evolis ID Card Printers. We also your one-stop shop for all consumables. Print full-colour secure photo ID badges, membership cards,student cards and access control cards and so much more.

Metal Detectors

We are proudly Garrett agents for Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa. That means if you source a genuine Garrett product elsewhere, they have likely purchased the product from us. We also offer alternative brands to cater to all our customers’ metal detection requirements and budgets.

Safety and Security

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